Esther García, Education Coordinator

Esther García was born and raised in Manatee County, FL. As the youngest daughter of immigrants from Guatemala and Mexico, Esther’s parents encouraged education as a tool to escape intergenerational poverty. Esther is a first generation high school graduate from Braden River High School and college graduate from Emory University in Atlanta, GA. At Emory, Esther studied anthropology while being heavily involved with marginalized communities on campus, including creating an annual conference to empower Latinas/xs in Atlanta.

Furthermore, Esther worked for the Center for Women at Emory, Office for Racial and Cultural Engagement, Office of LGBT Life, and as an intern for the Commission on Racial and Social Justice. Esther aims to fill the void in educational mentorship and advocacy that she experienced while struggling to apply to colleges. Esther graduated from Emory in May 2019 and is excited to begin her professional career back home. 

You can contact Esther García at