FLA Alumna Karla Trejo Speaks about Returning to Class at FGCU

Florida Gulf Coast University allowed us the option of staying home instead of living on campus. However, I believe if we had already signed the housing agreement and if we decided not to live on campus after a certain date, we would have had to pay a fee. 

Right now, I feel a bit annoyed and nervous as the positive cases continue to increase each week since school started here. Plus, there are two fraternities that have been suspended for hosting a large off-campus party and now a sorority might be suspended as well since they attended a party that administration found out about.  

So far my classes are going really well. I have four in-person classes and two online classes that meet via Zoom or Canvas Conference. I have managed to maintain my grades so far and I’ve already had my midterm exams so I’m hoping for all good grades back! 

I go to campus every day not only for my in-person classes, but to print papers for a few of my classes and I work on campus at the Chick-Fil-A. So, on certain days I’m here on campus for about 7 hours and others I’m only here for 4 hours. 

There’s definitely a mix of reactions from students and the staff. There are students that still walk around without their masks on or they don’t have it on properly. Even some adults that I’ve noticed don’t wear a mask at all as they walk around campus which frustrates me since they’re the ones that should also be respectful of their coworkers who are already taking a chance to teach us in person. 

One thing I miss about being back home is definitely my friends. I would say my family, but I’m rather independent and talk to them whenever I have the chance and they visit me sometimes. With my friends it’s a bit tougher since they have their own class schedules and some of them work so it isn’t as easy to plan when we can hangout anymore. Oh, and I definitely miss my dogs too!