Future Leaders Academy

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The Future Leaders Academy empowers our leaders of tomorrow to be agents of social change through college preparation, leadership training and meaningful community service.

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UnidosNow has two College Prep programs: the year-round UnidosNow Clubs (learn more here), and the Future Leaders Academy (learn more here).


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The Future Leaders Academy seeks high-performing Latino students with demonstrated leadership and community involvement, and a strong desire to take on new challenges.


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Our goal is to engage Latino parents in the college prep process so that they can advocate for higher education with their children and the broader Latino community.


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We want to give Teachers and Counselors in our middle and high schools resources that will help their students reach their goals of going to college.


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First generation Latino students with the potential for college need role models who can demonstrate through their own experiences what our scholars can become.



Program Curriculum | Review the 2015-2016 curriculum.

Program Profile | Review statistics and metrics from past programs.

Scholarships | Review information on national and local scholarships.

Summer Programs | Review information on programs targeting high potential Latinos (coming soon).

Fly-in Programs | Check our database here.


Community Youth Development | Empowering youth as leaders in service to their community.

Take Stock In Children | Supporting low-income youth to escape poverty through education.