The Future Leaders Academy

The UnidosNow Future Leaders Academy is a comprehensive college prep and career readiness program that serves primarily low-income, first-generation Hispanic/Latino* students seeking admission into competitive 4-year universities, and for students interested in studying at a technical/vocational college or a 2-year community college.

Over the past few years our students have been accepted into colleges such as Johns Hopkins, Amherst College, Haverford College, Vassar College, Boston University, Colgate University, Bucknell University, George Washington University, University of Virginia, Georgia Tech, Syracuse University, New York University, University of Miami, University of Florida, and Florida State University, among others. These students all received generous financial aid packages, including several whose full financial need was met.

Students applying to the Future Leaders Academy should be willing and able to participate in a rigorous program which includes several evening and weekend workshops during the academic year, workshops throughout the summer, and ongoing assignments that must be completed in a timely fashion.

There are two program “tracks” that you can choose:

  1. College Prep track: This track is primarily for students interested in attending 4-year universities. It has a strong focus on college selection, resume building, essay writing, visits to state colleges, and selecting careers that require a 4-year college degree or higher.
  2. Career Readiness track: This track is primarily for students interested in attending technical/vocational colleges and 2-year community colleges. It has a strong focus on selecting in demand careers that only require a technical certificate or a 2-year degree. This track is also for students that want to start at a 2-year community college and then transfer to a 4-year university. This track has a strong focus on career exploration, developing professional etiquette, interview skills, and visits to local employers.

We are looking for students that are committed and prioritize this program among other extracurricular activities.

We will not tolerate prolonged absences for key workshops and events, especially in the summer portion of the program. If you feel you are going to miss many of the workshops because of travel or other activities, then we don’t recommend you apply. We are understanding of extenuating circumstances, and you can certainly reach out to us; however, we are giving you the dates with plenty of time in advance in order for you to make the necessary arrangements.

Applications will be reviewed holistically, and while grades and scores are important, you are strongly encouraged to spend sufficient time on the essay section in order to reflect your uniqueness and to demonstrate why you believe you are a strong candidate for the program.

PLEASE NOTE:  Before starting your application, make sure you have the following:

  • Unofficial transcript
  • PSAT score (login to to obtain score). While this is not a required field in the application, you are strongly encouraged to provide this information.
  • GPA weighted and unweighted
  • ACT and/or SAT scores (if you have already taken these tests)
  • Completed essay questions

Please note it is required for students that apply to the college prep track to take either the SAT or ACT exams during the spring of 2020.  Students are encouraged to apply for fee waivers through their guidance office and register for these tests as soon as possible in order to meet application deadlines.

See below for a detailed description of the program calendar, key workshops, college tours, and other activities.

*While our program emphasizes participation by Latinos, we do not exclude other low-income, first-generation students who could benefit from our program, and encourage them to apply.


Check out the Future Leaders Academy Calendar for the different tracks below:

College Prep Track


Career Readiness Track

The calendar below is for 2019. The 2020 calendar for the Career Readiness Track is still under development.



Are you ready to apply to the Future Leaders Academy? Here’s the application:


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