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UnidosNow’s College Prep Series is empowering our leaders of tomorrow to be agents of social change through college preparation, leadership training, and community service. Find below testimonials and statistics of our impact.

Our Program Impact


Listen and read what our students and parents have to say about UnidosNow’s College Prep Series.

“This program has very engaging and passionate people. It was a great opportunity. Financial education helped me learn about budgeting in action.” – Student

“I give UnidosNow workshops a 10 out of 10 because I learned how to help guide my daughter towards her future. I also learned how the education system works in this great country that gives us so many opportunities.” – Parent (translated from Spanish)

“I learned just as much as my daughter. I now want to go back to school now too.” – Parent (translated from Spanish)

“I will definitely recommend this College Pep Series to everybody. I think all my children will benefit greatly. Lots of information we were not aware of. My son is motivated to apply to a bigger school now.” – Parent

“I would recommend this program because it exposed me to new opportunities and because it helped me wake up and realize what I need to do now to get into college.” – Student

DREAM Big | Students | Education“My mentor was a stupendous moral support for all my efforts to get in higher level schools. I strongly believe that without her and UnidosNow I wouldn’t have the guts to apply to Quest Bridge. After becoming a Quest Bridge finalist and being admitted to the instant decision process at the USF Sarasota-Manatee, my confidence was significantly boosted up. That gave me the strength to apply to schools like UF, University of California – Berkeley, Georgia Tech, and my dream school which is Columbia University.” – Akira (Bolivian American)

Major Accomplishments


General Data


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Number of Students in One-time Workshops Percentage of Students by Grade


Family Profile of 2014 Series

  • 22 Students | 18 Parents
  • 18 9th & 10th graders | 4 11th grade
  • 72% Female | 28% Male
  • 81% on free/reduced lunch

Metric By College Prep Topic

There is a 100% gain on all college preparation topics. The largest informational gains: importance and how to develop a portfolio of activities.

How to apply for financial aid 2.83 7.52 +166%
How to develop and communicate your story/your pitch 3.66 8.72 +138.3%
How to effectively prepare for SAT/ACT exams 4.55 8.16+79%
How to interview effectively 3.79 9.08+140%
How to manage your finances 3.83 7.84 +105%
How to search and apply for scholarships 3.45 8.08 +134%
How to select a "best fit" college 4.458.60+93%
How to select a career 5.288.56 +62%
How to write an effective college essay 3.216.08+89%
How to write an effective resume 3.558.44 +138%
The importance of leadership and community service 6.289.24+47%

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