Future Leaders Academy High School Program | UnidosNow

Are you a student attending a school in Sarasota or Manatee counties? Are you a first generation, low income student ready to go to college but not knowing what steps to take? We are now serving freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors in the schools below.

You can contact Lisbeth Oscuvilca (lisbeth@unidosnow.org) to learn more about participating schools in Manatee county, and Wendy Barroso (wendy@unidosnow.org) for Sarasota county schools.

Join us!

UnidosNow Clubs

SchoolClub President SponsorDaysTimeLocation
Pine View
Andres Guevara-Flores
Riverview High School Laura Orjuela Bridgett Coughlin
Sarasota High School Joana Gonzalez Karwatt Christy Thursdays
Sarasota Military Academy Gabrielle Barroso CPT. Harding Fridays2:30pm
Manatee High School Mrs. Abigail Williams Mondays & Tuesdays 2:15pm-3pm Room 8-195
Palmetto High School Mr. Rui Fernandes Wednesdays 2:15pm-3pm Media Center
Bayshore High School Mrs. Pamela Platt Wednesdays2:15pm-3pm Room 150

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