Lisbeth Oscuvilca Rodríguez, Family Engagement Director

Lisbeth comes to UnidosNow from her native country of Peru, and she holds a Master’s in Educational Administration.

Lisbeth is a career education specialist, having worked her way up from being a classroom teacher, to being a Director of a public high school’s summer program, to then being a Founding Director of her own private educational technology company both in Peru and here in the United States.

Lisbeth is a strong believer in empowering families, and has used this drive to develop projects such as a student managed organic vegetable garden in which students were supported in growing and selling produce as a school fundraiser.

In addition to her passion for education and empowerment, she enjoys participating in projects that benefit family health. Using her entrepreneurial spirit, she combined two interests: nutrition and alternative energy, to start a project drying fruit by using solar energy.

Lisbeth has been developing projects to create educational opportunities for young Latinos and families in Manatee and Sarasota counties since her arrival here in 2011, and she continues doing meaningful projects with UnidosNow.

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