Lisbeth Oscuvilca Rodríguez, Manager of Education Initiatives | UnidosNow

Lisbeth Oscuvilca RodriguezLisbeth comes to UnidosNow from her native country of Peru. Lisbeth received her Master’s in Educational Administration at the University of San Marcos, in Lima, Peru.

Lisbeth is a career education specialist, having worked her way up from being a classroom teacher, to being a Director of a public high school’s summer program, to then being a Founding Director of her own private school. She worked designing curriculum for a private educational technology company both in Peru and here in the United States.

Lisbeth has been concerned about the educational opportunities for young Latino people in Manatee county since her arrival here in 2011. She has performed volunteer work tutoring students in Math at Harlee Middle School and PACE Center for Girls. She has worked for the past few years as a Spanish teacher for both senior citizens and young people on Anna Maria Island.

She still volunteers on the Island with the Anna Maria Island Community Center, working with children there on creative learning projects, such as a book on sea turtles the children are currently writing and illustrating in conjunction with the Island Turtle Watch organization.

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