League of Women Voters’ Guide

Wondering who will be on your ballot and what they stand for? The League of Women Voters prepare a guide each election cycle to help voters make their decisions. Learn more below:


See here the candidates that will be on your ballot, read their information and responses to LWV questions, compare, select the candidates you prefer and you can even print out your ballot selections.

Prefer Paper?

This link will take you to LWV Manatee County Voters’ Guides in pdf format. View the guides, print them, give to others! Below there are also the 4 voters guides that are on their election information site:

Manatee County Primary for State Legislature

Manatee County Primary for County Commissioners

Manatee County Primary for Judge Elections

Manatee County Primary for School Board

Want to see candidates in action?

This link will take you to videos of candidate forums. There you will find both LWVMC videos as well as forums sponsored by other nonpartisan organizations.