Learning Beyond the Classroom

The end of July marked the successful culmination of our 2019 Summer Parent Leadership Program, when our participants met to celebrate their accomplishments. What brought us together was a love of learning—extended beyond classroom walls.

We proudly recall:

  • Visiting the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, the Betty J. Johnson North Sarasota Library, and the Women’s Resource Center and its Unique Boutique (career closet). 
  • Inviting such amazing community partners to our classes, such as author and business woman, Jane Plitt; artist and Reiki master, Ingrid Brandt; officer and commercial associate of Bank of America, Paula Rincon; and program coordinator for JFCS Healthy Families/Healthy Children, Anna Baker. 
  • Receiving copies of Jane Plitt’s book, Martha the Hairpreneur has inspired participants to start their own business. 
  • Obtaining library cards, learning about managing money, and signing up for programs offered by both the library and the JFCS. 
  • Improving English skills and learning about leadership—thanks to Ingrid and Marnie Howell.  
  • Expanding horizons and becoming aware of many organizations to explore further.
  • Building bridges and fostering lasting friendships.

Thank you to all our partners, especially St. Jude Catholic Church, who generously hosted our parents and children. We owe a debt of gratitude to the Community Foundation of Sarasota County. Without their generous support, none of these experiences would have been possible.