Learning Beyond the Classroom | UnidosNow

The end of July marked the successful culmination of our 2019 Summer Parent Leadership Program, when our participants met to celebrate their accomplishments. What brought us together was a love of learning—extended beyond classroom walls.

We proudly recall:

  • Visiting the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, the Betty J. Johnson North Sarasota Library, and the Women’s Resource Center and its Unique Boutique (career closet). 
  • Inviting such amazing community partners to our classes, such as author and business woman, Jane Plitt; artist and Reiki master, Ingrid Brandt; officer and commercial associate of Bank of America, Paula Rincon; and program coordinator for JFCS Healthy Families/Healthy Children, Anna Baker. 
  • Receiving copies of Jane Plitt’s book, Martha the Hairpreneur has inspired participants to start their own business. 
  • Obtaining library cards, learning about managing money, and signing up for programs offered by both the library and the JFCS. 
  • Improving English skills and learning about leadership—thanks to Ingrid and Marnie Howell.  
  • Expanding horizons and becoming aware of many organizations to explore further.
  • Building bridges and fostering lasting friendships.

Thank you to all our partners, especially St. Jude Catholic Church, who generously hosted our parents and children. We owe a debt of gratitude to the Community Foundation of Sarasota County. Without their generous support, none of these experiences would have been possible.