On Both Ends: Our FLA Scholar is Now a Mentor

By Reynaldo Claro, Future Leaders Academy Scholar

As you may be aware, UnidosNow mentors students of all ages from graduating seniors all the way down to elementary schoolers. I have happily been on both the receiving and giving end. This past year, UnidosNow helped me pass my own feat, college. With their expertise, I gathered endless knowledge on every small detail that goes into a college application and can with pleasure say that I will be attending Vassar College for the next 4 years.

I am solely an end result. A proud product of all the hard work I put in and all the help I received along the way. I was a mentee, and that is why now, I am a mentor. I recently have been mentoring middle schoolers and future high schoolers on my experience including the ins and outs to college. It’s great to see the small smiling faces listening contently to what you have to say about the stages that lead up to college and college itself.

Above all, I have taken as much from the interactions as they have because, as a prospective college student, I as well noticed I should follow my own advice. Among my advice comes simple things such as sleep early, learn to manage your time, make study habits, and primarily don’t procrastinate. These are only some of the things we talk about, but they all reach the same place. The overarching theme arrived at every time is each and every one of them ARE leaders and all in all, if you wish it and work towards it, you’ll accomplish it.

We each have passed this moment in our lives; the moment where we believe anything is possible. That is why the work UnidosNow is doing is amazing. They reinforce this thought through education, boost it through the countless support, and ultimately inspire the students to not only DREAM BIG, but most importantly DO BIG.

Thank you UnidosNow for the opportunity you provided me and the opportunities you continue to give. This wonderful group is truly dedicated as they say to EMPOWER!