Opening Doors. Our FLA Barancik Scholars Reflect on the FLA Program

Miranda Clapp: “FLA means getting connected with some of the most ambitious students in the area and watching each other grow over the course of the year. We are all brimming with potential.”

Maria Prisila Enriquez Vega: “FLA means an opportunity for the future because I’m not only learning for myself, I’m learning for five. FLA has given me not only the information but the resources to be prepared for the future. And be able to help my family and others by sharing what I learned, so they too have an opportunity for a brighter future.”

Denny Lu: “FLA is an opportunity to grow, learn, and challenge myself. I have been so fortunate to be able to gain insight from such impactful community leaders and learn from my peers every step of the way. My goal is to contribute back to my community in the profession of service that I desire in order to serve to the best of my ability.”

Sebastian Martinez: “Well, to me it means a lot, It means getting information and tips from dedicated people and mentors. It’s an organization that provides a lot of information that I didn’t even know about nor that I knew I needed.”

Nicholas Coelho: “FLA means: an open door to college, hardworking students, life advice and guidance. FLA creates new possibilities and shapes young leaders in our community.”

Helen Cala: “FLA means having a community that brings you confidence in your abilities and chances at a college education. Oftentimes we look at those who sacrificed everything for us and question whether we’ll have the tools or information necessary during the college process to make their hard work pay off.”

Adriana Alvarado: “FLA means the ability to open my own doors after all other doors were shut on me.”

Joshua Segebre, replying to an email from Cintia Elnestar: “I have been wanting to write this for a while. The other day in an email you sent ‘What does FLA mean to you?’. While what I am about to say doesn’t specifically answer that, I want to write about my experience.

“This program has tremendously helped me focus on my goals and I have also seen a huge development in my character. I remember close to a year ago, I was sitting in class excited that I had a substitute teacher for my Aice Spanish class. Then I was suddenly requested to visit the College and Career Center, that is where I learned about UnidosNow and met you.

“I was highly interested in the organization. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get involved in the FLA program due to transportation issues at the time during the summer of 2020. Fast forward to March, and many global events later, I was able to apply thanks to Esther who reached out to me who told me that you referred me. I was relieved to hear that the program would be
taking online via Zoom.

“I remember in my interview for this program; I told the three Hector, Luz, and you my academic goals and thought I had it all together in terms of my future. However, I was proved wrong by the end of the first workshop. I remember Hector told us in a workshop to not be confined by what is around you, and not only dream big, but do big. I intend to do just that.

“While I know this program isn’t over yet, I want to thank you once again for this opportunity as well as your persistence to recruit me. No amount of words can express how grateful I am to be in this program. I have learned more than just University prep work, but also valuable life skills. With gratitude.”