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ACT Mock Test

A key component of the Future Leaders Academy is to provide our students with the tools to prepare them to succeed, reason why we mocked an ACT test.

The ACT mock test was proctored and the kids took their ACT with real example tests, and they were timed. It took place at New College and the purpose was to have a baseline, so that they could improve their scores with the ACT classes offered during the Rising Seniors program.

7.9 ACT Mock Test
7.9 ACT Mock.2
7.9 ACT Mock.2(2)

Our Students Visit Sun Hydraulics & The Ritz-Carlton

On July 14th, the Future Leaders Summer Academy students had the opportunity of visiting both Sun Hydraulics and The Ritz-Carlton. These visits were very important to them, as they opened up their minds about new career paths, but also how careers that they may be thinking of can apply to different size corporations.

Sun Hydraulics

Thanks to Greg Glass from Sun Hydraulics, we coordinated this visit for our students. The group was divided in teams of 2 to 3 to visit the plant, which allowed them to learn and see more of their operation. These are some of the comments of our scholars after the tour:

  • Omar Urbina, Rising junior: “It was interesting observing how all of the machines worked to make a product.”
  • Osciel Urbina, Rising junior “If i didn’t do music, I would really consider working here because of the different opportunities this company has”.
  • Adrian Martinez, Rising junior: “Overall I was surprised and amazed by the tour today as I was able to be exposed more to the career of Engineering.”

The team of engineers were amazing with our students, so we couldn’t be more grateful for their time and insights.


The Ritz-Carlton

This visit was possible thanks to Haley Wulliman-Gomes from The Ritz-Carlton, and Lynn is a trainer from corporate office that was there to join Haley on the tour with our FLA Summer Academy students.

Lynn talked to the kids about the training The Ritz-Carlton gives to their employees and outside companies on how to stand out from the rest. She related to our scholars in explaining how this could be implemented in their daily lives, on how schools are looking for the students that stand out from the rest in a positive way.

Matt, the Human Resource Director, talked to the kids about his personal experience. He started school aiming for a music major and discover that he wanted music to be his hobby and not his career. He switched to Business and realized that Human Resources was his true passion.

Overall the kids had an amazing time discovering all the different opportunities they have, and that this is all about finding their passion.


The Future Leaders Academy at the Mote Marine and Science Labs

This year Future Leaders Summer Academy is filled with students interested in sciences, reason why we have been very lucky to count on Dr. Telang, Dr. Santa Maria and Dr. Penn, who inspired our students, both in and out of the classroom.

Dr. Santa Maria and Dr. Penn to provide these students with a unique experience and inspire them to pursue a career in the science field, helping our young people to find their passion and their interests hands on!

The passion for science and teaching of these doctors made our students more interested in the field, and they also shared with them their personal experiences and give them advice on the college admission process.

After the sessions at the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium and the labs at University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee, our the students share their thoughts:

“My overall experience was great, especially learning about the pH levels of acids and bases from real environment samples”

“Today was a really cool way to experiment and get a feel of what biology and chemistry are all about. My favorite moment was when we did an experiment about pH levels”

“I had a great day I was able to enjoying it I saw many different things that I never experienced before, and Dr. Santa Maria also helped with telling what classes I should take in high school and even later on in college”

“I had a lot of fun today and I learned about the fascinating sea life there is. My favorite moment was going out to the dock and catching plankton and other cool things”

“I have always wanted to go into science even before this experience, specifically in the medical field. This experience made me question if i want to minor in biology or some type of research”

Our Executive Director, Luz Corcuera, showed her gratitude saying: “We appreciate the unique opportunity for these young women and men to have hands on at such a special place”.

Here at UnidosNow we are so happy to see so many young people being inspired to go into sciences. Our future is in great hands!

IMAG0455Dr. Santamaria took students to a field trip to collect water sample to analyze it at the office labs.


Business Etiquette Class at the Future Leaders Summer Academy

At the Future Leaders Summer Academy we strive to provide all the tools available to make the best possible versions of our students.  Last week, Patty Persson, retired certified international etiquette consultant who believes in giving back to the community, accompanied us to teach our scholars about business etiquette.

Person conducted this segment to focus on interviewing skills and how to dress up for different occasions. The students came prepared for this class, and they all dressed professionally and practiced business etiquette during this session.

7.12 -Etiquette.4
7.12 -Etiquette.5
7.12 -Etiquette.8
7.12 -Etiquette.10

UnidosNow is Featured in Univisión News

Last week, Carlos Bohorquez, from Univision news, interview our scholar Sara Marin to talk about her scholarships to go to college and the UnidosNow program that helped her get there, the Future Leaders Academy. Sarah, we are so proud of you and everything you are accomplishing.

“Tampa Bay, (ENTRAVISION), – El programa de orientación Unidos Now ayuda a guiar a los estudiantes para escoger una carrera universitaria y becas a hispanos.

Se informó que la orientación es gratuita y pueden acceder a

Carlos Bohorquez amplía en el reportaje adjunto.”

Career Panel at the Future Leaders Academy

On Thursday, July 14th, the students and parents of the Future Leaders Academy enjoyed an exceptional career panel at the Selby Auditorium of the University of South Florida.

Inspiring professionals in Sarasota and Manatee counties shared their career journey and their passion: Kelly Rodenas, Attorney at Law; Mireya Eavey, President United Way of the Suncoast, Sarasota; Dr. Xavier Sevilla, Physician; Neil Comber, Corporate America Executive; and Martha Lopez, Musician.

The parents and scholars participation during the workshop was outstanding, and they came out of it with a new perspective on careers and how to follow your passion.


New Furniture at our Office

UnidosNow offices at the Glasser/Schoenbaum Human Resource Center is now looking like a million dollar place, all thanks to Suzi Atherton of the Manatee Community Foundation.

Atherton connected us to Caitlyn Durfee of TechHouse, who donated the beautiful conference table you see in the picture. It fits perfectly in our office! TechHouse also gifted our organization a beautiful desk and very much needed filing cabinets. We are tremendously grateful for their support.

But the furniture wouldn’t have arrived to UnidosNow if it wasn’t for our team member Wendy Barroso and her entire family, who picked up the furniture and rearrange our office.

Thank you, Suzi. Thank you, Caitlyn. Thank you, Barroso family. It’s this kind of collective effort what makes us stronger.

Suncoast Center For Independent Living Hosts 26th Anniversary Of The Americans With Disability Act

SCIL - 2016 Flyer - SpanishSARASOTA, FL- June 17, 2016- The Suncoast Center for Independent Living (SCIL) in Sarasota celebrates the 26th Anniversary of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) with An Affair to Remember on Tuesday, July 26, 6PM at the Potter Building, Sarasota Fairgrounds, 2896 Ringling Blvd in Sarasota. 101 Mobility will receive the SCIL ADA Empowerment Award for their charitable work to improve the lives of people with disabilities in Manatee and Sarasota counties.

Since its inception 26 years ago, The Suncoast Center for Independent Living has been devoted to empowering people with disabilities to independence. This year’s event will feature a disability inclusive Ballroom Dance Exhibition and a performance by American Idol Season 12 Finalist Lazaro Arbos. Lazaro overcame a stuttering disability and persevered on the nationally televised singing competition, finishing 6th place on American Idol Season 12.

Participating event sponsors: HealthSouth of Sarasota, 101 Mobility

“We commemorate the ADA and its immeasurable contributions to the diversity and vitality of our communities. Working together we can ensure that our community is not deprived of the full talents and contributions of our Sarasota and Manatee County residents living with disabilities in Sarasota and Manatee Counties,” said Michael Fluker, Executive Director.

The signing of the Americans with Disability Act in 1990 was a critical step in the forward momentum of Centers for Independent Living across the country. This year’s anniversary provides SCIL with the opportunity to acknowledge the diversified talents of our residents with disabilities in Sarasota and Manatee Counties.  Dressy casual attire. Tickets $20. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 941-351-9545 or visit us

About Suncoast Center for Independent Living, Inc.

Suncoast Center for Independent Living, Inc., is a non-residential, non-profit organization that offers services to Sarasota and Manatee County residents with disabilities so they may lead independent, self-directed lives and fully participate as equal members of society.

About HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Sarasota

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Sarasota is a 96-bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital that offers comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation services. Serving patients throughout central and southwest Florida, the hospital is located at 6400 Edgelake Drive in Sarasota and on the Web at

About 101 Mobility of Sarasota

101 Mobility is your Southwest Florida’s provider of the most trusted brands of mobility and accessibility equipment available today. 101 Mobility is located at 5975 Cattleman Lane in Sarasota and on the Web

2Gen Support from the Community Foundation of Sarasota County

Hector with Pedro, Anthony, and Omar

Hector Gutierrez, Anthony Gutierrez, Omar Santana, and Pedro Gomez just came back from an amazing experience! The Community Foundation awarded a 2Gen grant sponsoring Hector Gutierrez, Anthony’s father, to attend a baseball camp in Baltimore. Hector also chaperoned two other  participants, Omar and Pedro, from Sarasota-Manatee.

The kids learned leadership skills, team building, baseball, and learned healthy competitive spirit.  Hector was honored to be entrusted with chaperoning all three young people. The  boys are highly motivated to engage in sports, keep an active lifestyle, and do well in school.

20160607_193357_resizedAnthony, Omar, and PedroHector with Anthony, Omar, and Pedro


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