ACT Prep Class

Our students and sponsors understand the importance of preparing for the ACT, the standardized test many universities ask for from students in their applications. Since for many of our Future Leaders Academy scholars English is their second language, they feel compelled  to put forth more effort than the average student to make sure they obtain scores that  are competitive.

The first weekend in February, Ms. Anita Marcus, member of the Athena Giving Circles, gave her time to prepare our students for the ACT. During the weekend, our scholars received eight hours  of intensive preparation. On February 11th, the students took their ACT test and have markedly improved their scores. Thank you, Ms. Marcus, for your instrumental aid in getting our scholars to a new level.

Our FLA Students Get Ready for the ACT Thanks to Jo-Ann Hillman

Heare at UnidosNow we feel so fortunate to have Jo-Ann Hillman working with our students.

Mrs. Hillman brought a high level of energy, enthusiasm, resources, and talent to the UnidosNow Future Leaders Academy.

She raised the funds to purchase the books and materials for a special ACT lab preparation that she is leading. Thanks to her efforts the students participating in the Future Leaders Academy will have a chance to improve their ACT scores and to apply to colleges of their choice.

Thank you, Jo-Ann. We couldn’t do it without you.


ACT Mock Test

A key component of the Future Leaders Academy is to provide our students with the tools to prepare them to succeed, reason why we mocked an ACT test.

The ACT mock test was proctored and the kids took their ACT with real example tests, and they were timed. It took place at New College and the purpose was to have a baseline, so that they could improve their scores with the ACT classes offered during the Rising Seniors program.

7.9 ACT Mock Test
7.9 ACT Mock.2
7.9 ACT Mock.2(2)