alex lobato

Volunteer of the month, Alex Lobeto

UnidosNow is fortunate to count on passionate and committed volunteers such as Alex Lobeto, an immigrant from Cuba who is the perfect representation of a successful first-generation immigrant, and who is now giving back to his community and spending his time and experiences with our Future Leaders Academy for Girls scholars and families. Please do not miss his story here. Alex, thank you for making UnidosNow a place of hope with your contributions.

Thanks again for the opportunity to serve. As I have shared with you, I immigrated from Cuba in 1962 with my parents and older brother. Our families in Cuba were not for want. This all changed from one day to the next as we landed in Miami penniless. As I reflect back to my childhood I cannot recall a time being hungry, homeless, or without clothes. I now comprehend the dynamics of helping others and others helping themselves. From prosperous to paupers, my parents never lost their pride, family values, or work ethic.
My opportunities include serving with the 82nd Airborne Division in the late 70’s and serving in the Fire Service for 30 years. I went from a high school dropout to earning a Masters Degree in Public Safety Administration. I now volunteer my time and talents with UnidosNow, Sarasota and Manatee School Districts, Sarasota Literary Council, and Books for Kids (Lakewood Ranch Rotary).
Working with UnidosNow has provided me with an opportunity to share the life values that my parents instilled in me. From experience, I am a firm believer that a solid family creates solid members of society. UnidosNow strongly supports this foundation by involving entire families in bringing up our future generations.
Of utmost importance to success and happiness is one’s ability to develop personal responsibility. I have found UnidosNow strongly supports this message. Instilling this mindset in our society is, in my opinion, the most important value a person can share.
I would strongly urge others to participate in shaping the lives of our youths and families. To provide someone an image of personal achievement will enhance you. To me it is one way of answering the question, “what can I do to make my society better in a self-sustainable manner?”
“The most important gifts I have been given I cannot hold in my hand…I hold them in my heart.”