Our Students Visit Sun Hydraulics & The Ritz-Carlton

On July 14th, the Future Leaders Summer Academy students had the opportunity of visiting both Sun Hydraulics and The Ritz-Carlton. These visits were very important to them, as they opened up their minds about new career paths, but also how careers that they may be thinking of can apply to different size corporations.

Sun Hydraulics

Thanks to Greg Glass from Sun Hydraulics, we coordinated this visit for our students. The group was divided in teams of 2 to 3 to visit the plant, which allowed them to learn and see more of their operation. These are some of the comments of our scholars after the tour:

  • Omar Urbina, Rising junior: “It was interesting observing how all of the machines worked to make a product.”
  • Osciel Urbina, Rising junior “If i didn’t do music, I would really consider working here because of the different opportunities this company has”.
  • Adrian Martinez, Rising junior: “Overall I was surprised and amazed by the tour today as I was able to be exposed more to the career of Engineering.”

The team of engineers were amazing with our students, so we couldn’t be more grateful for their time and insights.


The Ritz-Carlton

This visit was possible thanks to Haley Wulliman-Gomes from The Ritz-Carlton, and Lynn is a trainer from corporate office that was there to join Haley on the tour with our FLA Summer Academy students.

Lynn talked to the kids about the training The Ritz-Carlton gives to their employees and outside companies on how to stand out from the rest. She related to our scholars in explaining how this could be implemented in their daily lives, on how schools are looking for the students that stand out from the rest in a positive way.

Matt, the Human Resource Director, talked to the kids about his personal experience. He started school aiming for a music major and discover that he wanted music to be his hobby and not his career. He switched to Business and realized that Human Resources was his true passion.

Overall the kids had an amazing time discovering all the different opportunities they have, and that this is all about finding their passion.


Career Panel at the Future Leaders Academy

On Thursday, July 14th, the students and parents of the Future Leaders Academy enjoyed an exceptional career panel at the Selby Auditorium of the University of South Florida.

Inspiring professionals in Sarasota and Manatee counties shared their career journey and their passion: Kelly Rodenas, Attorney at Law; Mireya Eavey, President United Way of the Suncoast, Sarasota; Dr. Xavier Sevilla, Physician; Neil Comber, Corporate America Executive; and Martha Lopez, Musician.

The parents and scholars participation during the workshop was outstanding, and they came out of it with a new perspective on careers and how to follow your passion.