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College Tour Spring 2017

Our Future Leaders scholars and parents spent two days traveling around Florida, from college to college. On the first day, they visited Rollins College and the University of Central Florida; on the second day, they visited Eckerd College and Saint Leo University. This tour gave our students and their parents a better idea of where they would want to spend their college years.

Lakewood Ranch High Prepares to Host College Tour

In preparation for this year’s College Tour for our Future Leaders scholars, Lakewood Ranch High School and UnidosNow are starting to work together. Last month, the organization visited the premises to give students information about our education programs and FAFSA for seniors.

This is what we accomplished last year. Will you join us this year? Giving Challenge 2016


The impact a visit to a college campus can have on a high-school student is unique. That experience can be the push they need to make up their minds. That experience can result in the discovery of their career. That time is the start of their future.

Unfortunately, many of the scholars we work with through our Future Leaders Academy have never had that chance before. Fortunately, thanks to the wondrous donors at the Giving Challenge 2015 our students lived this life-changing experience last spring.

The generous donations of our supporters during that challenge gave UnidosNow the chance to offer our Future Leaders a trip to these colleges: Southeastern University, University of Central Florida, Stetson University, and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

You can see more pictures and learn more about their experience, their emotions, and their whole trip here.

But that’s not the end of the story.

IMG_8691Our donors were an inspiration to the parents of our students. They wanted to share this important moment not only in the lives of their children, but in the lives of their whole families, because many of our students are the first to go to college in their families. And their parents didn’t want to miss the first time they stepped onto a college campus.

They knew UnidosNow didn’t have the resources to cover the expenses of their trip, so they rolled-up their sleeves, and spent a whole afternoon washing cars to raise funds to be able to chaperon their children’s college tour.

Thanks to our donors’ generosity we did not only inspire a student to go to college, but inspired parents to support their children in the next step of their life journey.

It took one to have an impact on the lives of these families last year, and that was YOU. Will you “Be The One” this year, too? Stay tuned to learn how to participate!




UnidosNow touring colleges with “First Generation” future college students

Palmetto and Sarasota High School students visited four colleges and universities of different types in Central Florida. Students visited Southeastern University, UCF, Stetson and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in a two-day whirlwind tour. Six parents came along to learn about college life and college admission process.

Students’ Quotes

“The best part of this all was going to all of these fantastic schools and really getting a visual of just how great college life is going to be . I also got to gain very much needed information that will later help me in the future.”

“I really enjoyed having some of the admission people tell us the honest truth. Also how each university had its own unique feel and personality to it. I personally loved that so much. That each college is great in it’s own way like people are but some aren’t just for me. I also really enjoyed how the universities each had their own wag of presenting.”

“The best experience I got from our 2 day field trip was the seminar explaining UCF and their programs and also hearing the college student’s testimony. It was also sharing rooms with the other UnidosNow students and getting to know each other better. ”

“The best experience I had was when we visited UCF and the students who go there talked about their experience at UCF. But the girl who talked was just like if she knew what I was going through everything she said I can relate to how she felt she wasn’t good enough to go to a college like UCF and she made me feel really confident about myself and that I can go to any school I want and be anything I can in life”.