financial aid

Financial Aid Through FAFSA

FAFSA labs are still happening in Sarasota and Manatee counties. Last month UnidosNow assisted students and their families at Bayshore High School, North Port High, and the Boys & Girls Club.

Bayshore High School organized the last FAFSA lab for the 2017 class. Mrs. Roberts, the Career counselor, hosted the event that convened several families. Financial aid officers from theUniversity of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee and the State College of Florida,  along with UnidosNow staff and members of Bayshore High’s UnidosNow Club, helped families to fill out their FAFSA application.

UnidosNow Manatee High School Club Creates Awareness about Financial Aid

Officers of the UnidosNow Club at Manatee High School gave their first presentation about Financial Aid and FAFSA to their peers. The school Club has prepared a curriculum to deliver during the school year, including topics such as the steps to follow to select college, how to pay for college and how to succeed in college. Meetings are twice per month at Mrs. Williams classroom 8-130. Join the UnidosNow Club!

Financial Aid Workshop

On Thursday, July 22nd, we prepared a great financial aid panel to guide our students through it.

Another way to guide our students to succeed is through providing information about financial aid available, as well as private scholarships. Joan McCaw,Manatee Community Foundation, Katie Flick, USF Financial Aid Manager, and Evan Jones, with the Selby Foundation, provided excellent information and tips to apply for scholarships and how to fill out a FAFSA application.

They provided excellent information about financial aid available, as well as private scholarships. The audience was very engaged and asked a lot of questions, getting ready for their college journey.