giving challenge 2016

UnidosNow Continues Celebrating Giving Challenge Successes!


UnidosNow is proud to be one of nine selected winners of the Manatee Millennial Challenge, which was one of the competitions of the 2016 Giving Challenge in September. We are honored and grateful to have been chosen from a pool of 25 great local nonprofits that participated in this new contest. Thanks to the support of the Manatee Community Foundation and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and to the dedicated efforts of our Millennial Volunteer Committee – spearheaded by Juan Arcila – UnidosNow will receive a $5,000 grant.

In addition, we’re thrilled and grateful to have been selected – from among hundreds of applications – as the awardee for Best Social Media Campaign in the category for “Medium Sized Organization.”  Thanks to the generous support of the foundations involved in the Giving Challenge, UnidosNow will receive a $1,500 award for this special recognition.


Be The One To Inspire a Student

Our talented scholars of the Future Leaders Academy inspire us to continue working from them -and for the generations to come- and guide them to dream big and reach high.

Our tremendous mentors inspire our students to find their passion, and to believe in themselves to accomplish their goals.

Our committed parents inspire all of us in the pursue of their American Dream.

During the Future Leaders Summer Academy, our students were asked to create a personal statement, a presentation of who they are, and what they want to achieve. METV joined UnidosNow during the closing ceremonies of our Rising Juniors and Rising Seniors classes, giving us the possibility of sharing with all of you their powerful stories and outstanding talents. With them, we wish to also inspire you.

Future Leaders Academy – Rising Juniors Closing Ceremony

Future Leaders Academy – Rising Seniors Closing Ceremony

But now it’s your turn to inspire a student. We are counting on you –our friends and supporters– to help expand and enhance our programs through the 24-hour online giving event, from noon to noon on September 20 and 21, the Giving Challenge 2016. Learn how simple will be to donate here.

It only takes one to inspire a student. Be The One.


Be the One to Inspire a Student: Be Part of the #GivingChallenge16!

Mark your calendars! UnidosNow will be part of the annual Giving Challenge, once again. We are counting on you – our friends and supporters – to help expand and enhance our programs through this 24-hour online giving event, from noon to noon on September 20 and 21.

One of the exciting aspects of the Giving Challenge this year is that all new donors (anyone who did not give to UnidosNow in 2015) will be matched two-to-one, and returning donors will be matched one-to-one, both up to $100.

This means YOU can Be The ONE to help our students DREAM BIG because your donation will have DOUBLE or TRIPLE the impact on our work and mission.

Example of how a donation to UnidosNow will be matched by The Patterson Foundation for a new donor:

GC_TPF_Matching_NewExample of how a donation to UnidosNow will be matched by The Patterson Foundation for a returning donor.



So, we hope that you will visit between noon and noon, September 20 to 21, enter “UnidosNow” in the search box, and donate with your credit or debit card to qualify for a matched donation. (You can also be on the look-out, via our Facebook and Twitter, for the direct link to our donation page at the start of the Challenge.)

Your contribution will enable UnidosNow to reach more students at additional schools with expanded programming opportunities, such as facilitating students’ college visits and tours.

Imagine the possibilities. Be The One to inspire a student.


The 2016 Giving Challenge is presented by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, with giving strengthened by The Patterson Foundation, as well as support from Manatee Community FoundationJohn S. and James L. Knight FoundationWilliam G. and Marie Selby Foundation, and the Herald-Tribune Media Group.

We Are Almost There


We are sure you have heard it from all the other great non profits in the area you are involved with. And we know that all of them deserve your attention, because there are so many great causes that our extremely amazing philanthropic community takes on to improve the lives of Manatee and Sarasota counties’ peoples, environment and animals.

We know you already know about the Giving Challenge 2016, and how we all want you to Be The One to take on all these different causes and make a difference.

And we also know that you are here reading this email because you care about UnidosNow, because you are aware of our impactful work with low-income students who are looking for an opportunity to continue their post-secondary studies, because you already are The One who has made a difference in their lives.

But once again we want to ask you to continue supporting our young leaders, because this is the strong impact you have already had on them. So imagine how many more students’ lives you can touch by simply supporting UnidosNow during the Giving Challenge 2016 that will happen online, from September 20th at 12pm to September 21st at 12pm.

24 hours that could mean more students served.

24 hours that could mean more high-schools reached.

24 hours that could mean more 2-gen workshops provided.


  • $25 sponsors materials for one scholar for college prep workshops
  • $50 sponsors refreshments for 1 scholar during year-long college prep activities
  • $100 sponsors a college tour for 1 scholar or a parent
  • $250 sponsors all college prep workshops for 1 scholar or a parent for one year
  • $500 supports UnidosNow’s transformational change to expand programming into elementary, middle, and additional high schools

Imagine the possibilities. Be The One to inspire a student.

This is what we accomplished last year. Will you join us this year? Giving Challenge 2016


The impact a visit to a college campus can have on a high-school student is unique. That experience can be the push they need to make up their minds. That experience can result in the discovery of their career. That time is the start of their future.

Unfortunately, many of the scholars we work with through our Future Leaders Academy have never had that chance before. Fortunately, thanks to the wondrous donors at the Giving Challenge 2015 our students lived this life-changing experience last spring.

The generous donations of our supporters during that challenge gave UnidosNow the chance to offer our Future Leaders a trip to these colleges: Southeastern University, University of Central Florida, Stetson University, and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

You can see more pictures and learn more about their experience, their emotions, and their whole trip here.

But that’s not the end of the story.

IMG_8691Our donors were an inspiration to the parents of our students. They wanted to share this important moment not only in the lives of their children, but in the lives of their whole families, because many of our students are the first to go to college in their families. And their parents didn’t want to miss the first time they stepped onto a college campus.

They knew UnidosNow didn’t have the resources to cover the expenses of their trip, so they rolled-up their sleeves, and spent a whole afternoon washing cars to raise funds to be able to chaperon their children’s college tour.

Thanks to our donors’ generosity we did not only inspire a student to go to college, but inspired parents to support their children in the next step of their life journey.

It took one to have an impact on the lives of these families last year, and that was YOU. Will you “Be The One” this year, too? Stay tuned to learn how to participate!