Happy Thanksgiving from UnidosNow

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration, finding ways to be joyful and grateful. We have asked our Board Members and Dream Team to share with all of us what they are grateful for this year:

Luz Corcuera, Executive Director: Thanksgiving is a reminder that we give from the heart.  I am grateful for all the friends that come to our doors and fall in love with our transformational work. Thank you to each of you for never giving up on building hope.

Lisbeth Oscuvilca, Family Engagement Director: I feel privileged to serve the Latino community with a wonderful UnidosNow team and caring community partners. Thank you all for your willingness to work together and a special thank you to our generous donors and volunteers that are making a great difference in our community.

Cintia Elnestar, Program Director: Thanksgiving at UnidosNow is about being grateful for:

  • The opportunity to empower students and their families to dream big
  • The passion and commitment of each member of the UnidosNow Dream Team and board
  • The continued support of our donors, funders, volunteers, and community partners
  • ¡Muchas gracias a todos!

Marnie Howell, Parent Leadership Director: Thanksgiving at UnidosNow is about caring, sharing, and cherishing each other, and especially those that we are privileged to serve.”

Beatriz Paniego-Béjar, Communications Director: To see dreams fulfilled, students challenged, parents presented with new opportunities, we can’t but be grateful for the work of UnidosNow and all of you who support us.

Anneliese Camino-Klingener, Family Support Coordinator: Thanksgiving is a special time at UnidosNow. It is a time to reflect and express gratitude to our generous community. 

Lucero Guzman, Education Coordinator: Thanksgiving at UnidosNow is remembering and appreciating the value that every individual in our community brings to each other.

Alexandra DeMartino, Education Coordinator: Thanksgiving is a great time to look around and be grateful for all of those around us. As with every day, it also is a great time to reflect, learn, and commit to being better than the day before.

Leslye Trujillo, Education Coordinator: Thanksgiving at UnidosNow is a time to express and share our gratitude with not just our family members and friends, but to our community as well. 

Kelly Kirschner, Board Chair: “The story of Thanksgiving is one of welcoming people of different cultures and beliefs; celebrating survival through resilience during trying times; and looking forward to building a beloved community together. UnidosNow embodies the Thanksgiving celebration throughout the year in the work we do and the organization gives thanks to all of our supporters who make this important work possible.”

Kathy Schersten, Board Member: Each time a UnidosNow scholar shares his/her story, I am grateful to be part of an organization that provides her/him with the skills and education to succeed. Thanksgiving is the time to remember our mission and re-dedicate ourselves to supporting their goals and dreams.