An accomplishment I never imagined possible

By Karen Arango

Karen Arango

Receiving my MA has been an enormous blessing. It is an accomplishment I never imagined or thought possible. When I went to college for my undergrad, I knew I wanted to get a Master’s Degree as well but with all the debt I had, the possibility seemed impossible.

Thankfully, this community supported me and helped me with scholarships to further my education and continue giving back to my community as a visual artist. I know many doors to my career and my future are opening, and I can’t wait to see where it all takes me.

When I think about my arrival to the United States, more than twenty years ago, and where I am now, I get emotional to think of all I’ve been able to accomplish and contribute to the country that has given me a home.

Mentoring UnidosNow scholars is an honor. The scholars have so much desire to succeed that it is both humbling and exciting to see. Although I’m grateful to have the opportunity to mentor some scholars, it is fantastic to know that my educational and career experience can help someone’s academic path. In the end, I learn more from them than what they learn from me. The FLA scholars are wonderful, and the program is highly impactful to these students. 

Nicole Llamas, Karen Arango’s mentee.