UnidosNow Fights Back

by Sandy Chase 7/25/2020

Scholars and alumni have answered the UnidosNow call for help during COVID-19 because they understand the difficulties Latino youngsters and their parents face.

Almost immediately, scholars and guest college students registered to tutor one or two younger Latinos. Tutors are meeting once or twice weekly, helping students with homework and online learning.

Look for interviews from Future Leaders Academy (FLA) scholars and alumni who selflessly donate their time to “educate” students and their families.

Also, look for upcoming interviews from young students (tutees) continuing their education, even though schools are closed. Because these youngsters have been receiving academic assistance, they too can become the next generation of leaders.

Together, UnidosNow will win the fight.


Covid -19 continues to wreak havoc on this country—infecting us, killing people, and closing schools, businesses, and our favorite places to eat and play. But UnidosNow will not surrender to this virus, especially when it comes to our community.

UnidosNow is fortunate that its tutors are dedicated to strengthening educational opportunities—a cornerstone of its mission.

To quote Executive Director Luz Corcuera, “We are grateful to our scholars who have added their talent, energy, creativity, and tech skills to support our younger students and parents as they adjust to online instruction.”

For almost 10 years since UnidosNow began, this organizations has been empowering Latinos to achieve their American Dream—through education, integration, and civic engagement.

COVID challenges UnidosNow. But because of staunch supporters, the organization won’t give the virus a chance.