Our Mission

To elevate the quality of life of our growing Hispanic/Latino community through education, integration, and civic engagement.

Our Vision

Create an empowered Hispanic community, which is fully integrated, realizes educational attainment, has an identified voice and thrives in the United States of America.

We Will Achieve this Vision Through

  • Education
  • Social and Civic Integration
    The UnidosNow Headquarters

    The UnidosNow Headquarters

    Our History

    Perhaps for the first time, in the spring of 2010, with the Arizona-style law debates raging here, Florida’s Latino community recognized that their civic apathy could have profound consequences, affecting their families and communities.

    With this as a backdrop and on a shoestring, UnidosNow worked with a number of other immigrant/Latino support organizations, Spanish-language media outlets, the University of South Florida, the Institute for Public Policy and Leadership, New College and Southwest Florida faith-leaders for more than seven months, awakening the conscience of the state’s Latino community. The movement also raised the conversation from one of sound bites, ignorance and hate to one in which people began to understand the complexity of the issue –in legal, economic and moral terms.

    Collectively, we feel very confident that UnidosNow had a lot to do with the failure of an Arizona copycat in Florida, when similar bills passed in surrounding states like Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama, among others throughout the nation. From those first steps, UnidosNow has grown from an advocacy group to an education and integration organization with two main focuses: guide our youth on the post-secondary education process through the Youth Collaborative on College Preparation program and help our adults integrate in American society through the Know Your Rights program.

    Along with these programs, UnidosNow has developed other programs, activities, and events, such as:

    • Financial literacy through both our initiatives
    • Get DACAmented! program that provides information for DREAMers on how to apply for Deferred Action, an immigration relief program for students.
    • Partnership with the Asolo Repertory Theater in the production of the first play by William Shakespeare represented entirely in Spanish in the U.S., Hamlet: Prince of Cuba in 2011, and Faces of Change: Growing America in 2014.
    • The UnidosNow’s Resource Fair and the UnidosNow’s College Fair.

    Located since early July 2012 at the Center Glasser / Schoenbaum in Sarasota, 1750 17th Street, Building D. UnidosNow is a well-established organization helping Hispanic people thrive in the United States of America.

    The welcoming door of UnidosNow



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